• Hold educational events, community forums or teach-ins about the immigration detention system and the impact of the 34,000 detention bed quota on our communities. 

  • Share End The Quota events, action alerts, videos, infographs, posters, and fact sheets viaFacebook, Twitter, e-mail, and blogs.

  • Write an op-ed or letter to the editor about the impact of the quota in your community.  

  • Organize an action, or vigil outside a detention center, ICE office or congressional member’s office. 

  • Call and/or visit your members of Congress and ask them to eliminate the immigration detention bed quota from the FY 2015 appropriations bill. Ask your Representative to vote for the Deutch-Foster amendment that strikes the quota language from the bill.

  • Watch the recording of the 34,000 immigrant detention quota webinar and power point presentation

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